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Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is one of the most advanced forms of massage therapy and is growing in popularity. A Cranial Sacral Specialist is someone with a Master's degree in this field and performs this work with great effectiveness.

The Deepest Relaxation Happens During Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Cranial Sacral works to eliminate the cause of problems, not just the side effects. It focuses on the bones of the head, spinal column, sacrum and their underlying structures. The main objective of Cranial Sacral Therapy is to make sure the cranial sacral rhythm has the best Quality, Amplitude, and Rate. What that means is, if your cranial sacral rhythm was like your pulse from your heart, I would want to make sure you had a strong pulse, a consistent pulse and a good amount of flow when I felt your pulse. 

Cranial Sacral therapy is effective for many conditions, such as depression and anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.

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Structural Integration

Structural Integration Therapy is like chiropractic for massage. Only Structural Integration Specialist with the strongest hands can perform this advanced therapy.

Structural Integration Therapy is a ten session process where each area of the body is worked: the feet and calves, the thighs and core, and the neck and shoulders. In each session the body is lengthened in areas that are short and corrected in areas that need re-patterning. The best way to describe this process is with an analogy: the body is like squares of jello jigglers stacked precariously on top of each other. The first process of Structural Integration Therapy is to turn the wobbly sides of the jigglers into straight 90 degree angles like blocks. After that is done from the bottom to the top of the body, the next step is to straighten each block so they now sit on top of each other from bottom to top.

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Injury Massage

Injury Massage looks for the cause of dysfunction and helps relieve chronic and acute pain by working specific muscles groups to stimulate individual muscle fibers. The therapists at Solitude Massage have the knowledge to relieve tension in your muscles, and answer your questions.

Injury massage can help anyone that has any kind of pain from the minor to extreme. This massage has helped clients with minor headaches, whiplash, major accidents, gaining range of motion back from just being casted, or individuals experiencing years of chronic pain.

After working years at the same job, your body can get into holding patterns that will create what people like to call knots. The muscles stick to each other is certain spots that create the knots or what we like to call trigger points. Trigger points have referral zones. We can asses the knot or trigger point if it has a referral zone very quickly when applying the lotion.

Regardless of the profession or the injury the client will have a build up of scar tissue or fascia (muscle tightness) and through Injury Massage the client can walk away with more range of motion, better sleep patterns, and most importantly relief from the pain.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the "typical" massage style most people associate with massage therapy. According to a 2007 American Massage Therapy Association survey, almost a quarter of all adult Americans had at least one massage in the previous year. More and more people -- especially baby boomers -- recognize the health benefits of massage. They choose from among many massage styles to get relief from symptoms or to heal injuries, to help with certain health conditions, and to promote overall wellness.

Additional Therapies Available During Swedish Massage

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy Treament

After soothing the skin with lotion, we carefully rub warm smooth stones onto the skin to heat up the tissues and truly relax the client. Heat relaxes the muscles, the muscles become more pliable sooner, giving the client the benefits of massage sooner in the massage and add lasting effects.

Hot stone massage promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviates stress, releases toxins, relieves pain, improves circulation sooner than regular massage, and calms the psyche.

doTERRA Essential Oil Therapy Treatment

We have a very specific doTERRA Essential Oil technique that has been very effective to our clients, giving them the deepest level of Relaxation. We place the oils on the back and the feet and massaging them into the clients body at the beginning of the massage to have the oils take effect, to bring the relief by the end of the massage.

doTERRA oil therapy treatment promotes deeper relaxation, more clarity of mind, and provides relief from more serious health concerns.

Heat Therapy Treatment

We use hot towels to warm the tissue and then in specific areas apply our special warming lotion to penetrate the skin into the muscles to really relax and make our clients muscles pliable. This treatment brings you back home with feelings of harmth and care, just like mom would have done.

This treatment is the most popluar with clients with chronic pain, headaches, migraines, bulging discs, or have had injury.

Deep Foot/Scalp Treatment

We recommend this treatment to clients that really love the benefits of head to toe treatment. When you have your scalp massaged, you feel a sense of relief and deepr care from your therapist, which is the best way to start your massage. Clients with a love for their feet rubbed, feel just so pampered when extra care and attention has been giving to their hard working feet.

Benefits from this treatment include feelings of relief from every day stresses, higher thinking, better grounding to the earth, better balance in your life, and a stronger connection to the therapist.

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Corporate Massage

We can come to your office and work on your employees with either our chair or table. We also do health fairs and can come for employee incentives.

Massage therapy is also a great incentive for guests when you want to enroll people into your new business.

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Party Massage

We love parties! Host the party that everyone talks about, when your guests get massaged.

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For several years I suffered with back and foot pain. I spent a significant amount of money on orthotics, doctors, chiropractors, etc. without any real relief. I went through structural massage with Steffany. The results have been miraculous. Between her incredible skills and my diligence with the therapy exercises she taught me, I no longer need the orthotics and my back only bothers me occasionally. I am a year out from my original treatment and the changes are holding.
- Dawn L.

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