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Couples Massage

Would you like to be able to soothe your loved one's sore muscles? Do you get tired or sore after giving a massage? Join us with your loved one to learn how to rub each other for longer than five minutes! Bring your sister, friend, girlfriend, and of course your sweet spouse. Learn the basics of massage as well as some little tricks of the trade that keep us pros going strong day after day!

No need to bring anything but yourself, your partner and a sharp mind. We provide the sheets, and professional lotion. If you prefer to bring your own lotion from home, you are welcome to do so. Professional lotion will be available for sale after the class.

Make it a date!

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Infant Massage

Sleep is important to mothers! It really makes a difference how much more patient and forgiving you can be after a proper rest. We teach mothers of any age how to help your baby over croup, restless sleep, stomach achs, even mental issues with their infant. Build a Bond!

This is time well spent for you and your baby. Therapist now teach this technique to mothers and fathers, because the bond between the massage and child was so strong that they had change the approch from direct massage to teaching, so that the bond stays where it should be, between parent and child.

Build that close bond with your new infant and recieve the relief you need to be the best mom or dad you can be with infant massage!

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Glute Stretch

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Rhomboid Repatterning and Strengthening

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Psoas Stretch

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Medial Thigh Stretch

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Knee Bend Repatterning

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Hamsting Stretch

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Core Strengthening

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I went to Solitude Massage when I heard that they used doTERRA essential oils and also in hopes to get a very large knot out of my shoulder. I of course opted for the oil treatment and was massaged by Steffany.
She is a RN on top of being a massage therapist so I was confident that she knew a lot about the body.
In talking with her, she and I were similar in parts of our professional lives. She was so loving towards others and wanted to do what was best for the client.
Needless to say, she was able to move the knot out of my shoulder and talk to me about possible reasons for my discomfort. It was amazing and I would definitely recommend Solitude Massage to anyone!
- Mahina J.

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